Is It Possible To..

Hello, i’m trying to use renoise for more live kinda a/v stuff. Does anyone know if it’s possible to use notes to trigger video samples? (in modul8 prefferably) like use renoise as a sequencer, I can map sliders and pots on my external controller to both, so i can control effects and stuff that way. I’m thinking the solution might involve some kind of third party midi patch thing.
Any ideas? I’m on osX if that makes a difference.

depends if your VJ-Soft is running on the same machine or a different one. Answer this and I step you trough it (altough I hope and suppose on a different one ?!)

Hi, thanks for your reply. It’s running on the same machine. macbook pro running renoise 1.9 and modul8 2.5. I’ve got an edirol pcr midi keyboard as well (i think that’s the model.) looking through renoise I can’t see a midi out so I’m guessing it has to be done externally?

I was just looking at buying a groovebox with midi, but it dawned on me that there might be some way to do it all with a tracker and that might be a much better option. (unlimited samples/pattern length/etc.)

argh crap, a mac … meaning I don’t really know how to do it with them … You basically need to duplicate the Midi-Data before you feed it into Renoise because Renoise does not have Midi-Trough or similar and I also don’t know how to reroute the Midi-Output from Renoise to your VJ Software.

I am currently finishing an In:Depth Posting about this, but it is dealing with PCs … But maybe someone can name you Mac-Substitutes for the software I am refering to in the article so you can make it work anyway.


ah okay, well thanks anyway.

Be interesting to read your article. I’m slightly confused though, are you talking about pressing one key on a midi keyboard and it triggering audio and video? As far as I know you can do that on macs easily, just bind the device to both programs.

That alone is ofcourse not a problem, but getting the data of the music out of renoise is (a small) one. Also the question is how much controllers you want to use and how much midi-in-ports your VJ-Software offers. I tried around with one on PC a while ago and it had only one in-port.

However, if it offers more than one just use all your midi-gear as input for starters and check the article in a few hours, foo is currently spell- and quality-checking (and I am off to bed, gotta rise in four hours … ouch.)

It actually shouldn’t even be a problem because I know Macs are far more sophisticated meanwhile in term of Midi-Routability, I just can’t tell you which software/control applet to use.

The funny thing for me however is that you are using renoise+a vj software on the same mac, you have a pretty big machine I guess … :D With my tracks I couldn’t even display a screensaver when playing a renoise track, all cpu-cycles are taken.

Does this help?

well, the tutorial is done. Hope it helps you with anything. :)…ng-for-renoise/

AHHHH! I figured out how to do this with your method, conner, this is so cool. Thanks loads.

Videos and maybe a tutorial to follow.

okay. Here is a simple video with really basic stuff, just because I was so pumped i had to show someone.


The first 20 seconds have my dogs barking at pigeons, but they stop when the music starts (they love the techno.) Enjoy.

[EDIT] I just found out that lfos work as well. RAD!

Cool stuff! :guitar:

cool stuff, definately. infact it’s really easy to make good looking visualisations if you really can analyze the music at it’s basic level, I have worked with a guy some time ago on this (though it was not done in renoise and involved reaktor to analyze sets in ableton-live to make the whole thing more general). Unfortunately he is not VJing anymore (moved away) and I haven’t found an able VJ in my city yet to continue that.

wo0t i love stuff like that… does anyone know if there are any vj tools out there for the pc that can do stuff like that ? i guess i should use midi yoke and bome’s midi translator and it would be nice if i can send flash variables a well.

i know of resolume so any other then that would be fine, please.

Macs > Windows when it comes to midi routing. Windows requires a loopback device, which adds a little latency.