Is maschine mikro worth it?

I’ve been cinsidering a maschine mikro to add to my collection, but ive never had the chamce to actually mess with one. I cant afford the full version so i thats why im considering the mikro. They look like a lot of fun but i dont know what kind of limitatins it has. I recognize that its limited when compared to the full size but i dont know whether or not the limitations are significant or not. If not mikro i was considerimg getting ableton live while the price is still 25% off. however i cant decide whether or no im already getting everything i could really get out of ableton from renoise and reaper. I have messed with ableton and i liked it, but never really knew whether it was something that i would really get any use out of. However with the free update to live 9 it is rather inticing. That being said,has anyone any experience with maschine mikro? do you like it? Do its limitations severely handica its uses? Am i better off just getting live?

Actually… I’d stay away from Live!! Maschine, might actually be a nice addition to a Renoise setup… ( I think that comes down to personal preference. ) Running Maschine as a vst and all…

But Ableton Live? No!!! If you want another DAW to use with Renoise and you already have Reaper… Go buy Cubase…


Hmm I thik i’ll get a maschine then. i love Reaper, but personally i dont particularly like Reapers native plugins. They feel clunky and hard to use. Thats just my opinion and i realize many might not agree. I really the hate the js stuff it comes with and i dont like the readelay or reaverb. Ive tried a lot free plugins but they never seem to do the trick. I mostly just want something that will help my compositions. I have kontakt and battery 3 and i use them all the time. So i love ni and i’e always wanted to get maschine but ive heard that the mikro is really limited. But i think i’ll take a chance and get it. i just dont know any one who has one so I dont know much about it from a hands on point of view.

I’m using a bunch of freeware, but the js/Reaper stuff is not at the top of my list of freeware. However, some of those scripts are Stillwell Audio, and I have some of the Stillwell Payware and its alright… If I could afford Nugen or something, than I could see myself retiring a few of my lesser payware’s.

As far as Maschine goes… Yep, if you are into NI, I can totally see it helping your compositions, beats, and grooves. Its got two big bonuses: Hands on control, groove sequencer used as a vst. That can only be a +, for people who want that workflow with Renoise.

As far as Ableton goes… Its really not, “the company it used to be.”

And the reason I suggested Cubase? Its a standard… Its got so much in there. Its the only, “daw,” I can see having along side of Renoise… and I’ve tried a lot of daws at this point…


It went ahead and got Maschine. Ordered it off Amazon, it should be here in a week! Looking forward to it.

Hi, I’m thinking about buying a maschine mikro too, now that Massive has been added to the package.
I’ve got some doubts about routing maschine to renoise and using maschine hardware to control other instruments in renoise via midi.
What do you think about this?
Have you had any problem with this?
And, last but not least, do you think it’s a good purchase, a good product?

Thank you. :walkman:


Yeah I really like this question too. What’s the main difference operating it with just one lcd instead of 2, and fewer rotaries, etc?

Well I’ve had my Maschine Mikro for about 3 months now, and I got to say I freaking love it. Now I’ve used the full size, so I can’t say for certain exactly what I’m missing. I got an MK1 new from Amazon for $199. When you consider the price and the fact that you get Massive with it, it was a damn good deal. Maybe had I paid the full $399 that normally costs, I might have been disappointed, but I can’t say for certain.

The way I’ve been using it is I’ve been running both Renoise and Maschine through REAPER. I do all my sequencing in Renoise and Maschine, however I think Reaper is better with Pro Audio, so when I need to record real instruments, which is often, I need Reaper. Also, REAPER is far superior when it comes to routing. So when I get a lot of tracks going on (which I usually do, somewhere around 32 Tracks), REAPER is for me much easier to work with.

So for me, the three programs plus all the controllers, (Maschine, LPD8 and Launcpad [exclusively running in Renoise], XioSynth) makes a pretty fun set up for me.

How do you route both Renoise and Maschine software into reaper?
Is it possible to do it via rewire? Does Maschine support it?
Searching on the web it is not clear if it’s supported or not :(

Maschine runs as a VSTi.

Doh, i forgot it, sorry. :o