Is Multiple CCs per note possible? [SOLVED - YES IT IS]

I’ve been playing around with using Renoise to control some external synths (MB6582, Virus Classic, some others). I kinda wanted a “tracker” sound and to try using Renoise as my primary method of writing songs instead of Ableton.

I was definitely able to get a tracker vibe on the MB6582 by adjusting the filter on notes, but started to run into a bit of a snag - I couldn’t figure out a way to send more than one CC via the pattern data. That’s something you can do in a DAW and, I think, can do in Renoise with some automation?

I just wanted to make sure I am indeed correct that I can only change one CC per row per channel?

EDIT: Docs I am referencing are here:

The trick is to use multiple tracks then, but only makes sense for recorded pitchbend and aftertouch. Put notes on the first track and pitchbend. Then record aftertouch to next track, only adding the instrument number on each row.

For midi cc, I would use the midi control device as Achenar suggests below.

Yep ok that’s what I was thinking might work. Little messy but it’ll get the job done, thanks for confirming I’m on the right track (hah literally)

The Instr. MIDI Control device will allow you to do this.

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Ah yes, I was mixing up with pitchbend and aftertouch, which can’t be recorded thru midi control device.

Sure you can, those are two of the options for the MIDI Message Type.

Aha oh wow that’s aces! I had to watch the video on the doc page then play with it in Renoise to see how the effect pattern works (looks like each control is assigned an effect #). That’s fantastic and I really like I can save the template for later (super useful for MB6582 in particular, although it doesn’t always behave as I’d expect to CC commands)

Thanks folks!