Is Renoise A Supernatural Immortal Being?

Is this program more than software? To me its becoming a totally alive energy. I can not believe you can manipulate beats this way! The doors just keep opening.

Renoise is like a spiritual quest. More than a computer software…


:guitar: :panic:

As far as I remember both God and Jesus are registered members of this forum, so you can see they’ve given up the mantle and let Renoise take the No.1 position in the cosmos/omniverse.

Omnipotent Convergence.

One could argue that software is nothing but a physical extension of our will… we’ve managed to create tools to translate our thought processes more easily using computers… in this manner, it could be conceived of as “spiritual” in a sense… but I’m not sure about supernatural, as it doesn’t break any natural laws… and it’s only currently immortal in the social sense of: it will forever change the face of music. It may, however, exist significantly longer than the human race, if burned to the right media :P


one gush to far… :rolleyes:

Renoise-ism? :o

I thought so as well… I just figured I’d try to put more of a rational spin on it

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    Yes, yes it is.

“but someday we will be able to…”
“because it has already begun”

In my private universe, Renoise might very well feel like a semi-supernatural entity with the lurking Lua scripting door officially enabled in 2.6.

I have a huge number of midi files, duplicated as Renoise xml files, and categorized in countless combinations and variations. “Clips” may be a better term to describe the purpose of these files. They are like LEGO bricks just waiting for instructions on how to be assembled/arranged together.

So, hopefully, such a door might be exactly the feature that lets me call external instruction processors faster than the way I do it today (i.e. manually copying the clipboard buffer around and spoon-feeding the processors).

REnoise also increases Testosterone levels in men. :drummer:

ughhh havent they been banned yet?

jesus is such a drama queen and you know god is behind him backing him up all the way.

I just thought I’d verify my claim:



I find it interesting to note that God has no friends.

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… I Am NNow… Friends with GOD.

ehmm… no.

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( cant believe i didnt think to do that! )

If renoise was a god I would have to pay respects to this god atleast 20 times a day. I would also never break bread with those who worship the likes of other sequencers.

Renoise is not the God, you stupid blind religious cows! It’s only the blood-stained Altar! Hex is your God!