Is Renoise Able To Save Fully Compatible .xm-Files?

hi, i was just wondering, is renoise able to save fully compatible .xm (or any other like .mod/.s3m/.it) files.
or, how would one process a bunch of samples loadable with renoise from a ready-made song and then save them back so one can continue on a legacy tracker?: )

Old threads giving answers… still lingering in this forum…


You are welcome to write an export script though…

You might want to check . There seem to be other projects like this too.

ok, well, what are the possibilities of using renoise to load in samples in .xm format, process these samples and then saving them out in a format which a second tracker can load? i suppose one will go .wav on the lot after processing and loading that into a tracker which can save the .it/.s3m/.xm and also load the .wavs renoise saves…?

thanks! ;)