Is Renoise Good For Hardtechno / Schranz?

is renoise good for hardtechno / schranz?

any tips on getting the ‘schranz’ sound on renoise?

Why wouldn’t it be?

In my opinion, if you’re thinking about music in these kind of terms, then you are already limiting yourself. Do not think about Renoise as being good/bad for certain types of music. Renoise is simply a tool that you can use to create music. If the music you want to create is hard techno, then there is absolutely nothing stopping you from doing that with Renoise.

Renoise is as well suited to techno as it is to jazz or rock or ambient or experimental or pretty much anything your mind can imagine.

As for schranz, I don’t make a lot of it myself, but I have certainly tried a few times. Are there any particular sounds that you’re having a hard time creating yourself? Have you studied a lot of existing tracks, and you’re just having a difficult time understanding how to break it down into notes/patterns/etc?

Percussion obviously plays an important part in this kind of techno. I don’t think there’s any golden rule about the kind of sounds you use though - just experiment with random sounds and create interesting rhythmic patterns with them. When you have some kind of basic pattern that seems to be groovy, experiment with adding quite aggressive distortion to it, and then filter the distortion back into a more refined sound perhaps with a lowpass or bandpass filter. Create a variety of different elements like this which occupy different frequency ranges, in order to create interesting tonal differences in the sounds. Some heavy compression is quite common as well, so that you can really crank the hell out of the sounds and smash them all back together in a nice, crunchy way. :)

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you should ask yourself: am I good for hardtechno? the rest is only a tool choice

hey thanks alot dblue. I haven’t actually tried yet but to answer your question I now have a large’ish collection of hardtechno so I will try to break it down understanding how it all fits together. thanks for the perc info too! I guess it’s just using your ear. There isn’t alot to worry about, just the wishywashy beats. If I get far I will post an example

After listening to some techno last night and thinking about this thread, I had a nice session with Renoise and started a new track. It’s not exactly schranz I guess, but it’s still quite hard and chunky:

Here’s the Renoise 2.1 .xrns file if anyone wishes to take a look. Maybe you will find this useful, happy_milkshake_man?

The track is samples only, Renoise native effects, plus 2 VST effects.

  1. The one VST effect I simply cannot live without - Arguru Stardust (free)

  2. I’m also using DiscoDSP ThrillMe on the kick drum, which is unfortunately not free. If you do not have this VST, I’ve included an edited version of the .xrns which has a similar sound just using Renoise native effects instead (but not 100% identical).

Hope someone enjoys the tune :)

Usual disclaimer: Since I do not have accurate monitor speakers to work with, and I was a little bit drunk while making the track, the mixing/eq’ing may be a bit ridiculous, especially in the bass region, haha. It’s also squashed to hell and back with aggressive compression, but that was intentional. :D

Automated filters with lots of distortion, synced gate effects on the overall, automation everywhere to make all evolve… nothing of impossible =)

As an example, between hardtechno and hardcore, you could check Drive / Overdrive on my-space (, it is made with Renoise

I’m really interested into hearing your future creations! :D

dblue : really nice track! how do you manage to track on alcohol ? I can’t!

I do! Back to Renoise for you and finish that one! :P

I prefer trackers for composing music but some time ago I realized they have some limitation - it is difficult to write stuff with non 4th meter. Of course it can be done, no problem, but it’s not as natural as writing 4 x 4 , 2 x 4 and such stuff.

genres you are speaking about are 4 x 4 so I don’t think there is anything against writing such music in renoise :)

@dblue: Killer track!

mate that kicks ass!! yeah this is what i want to be making, thanks for the xrns!! tis a big help

hey dblue did you ever finished that tune? :drummer:

if not I will finish it :yeah: …if I may :)

I only started it last night, gimme a bloody chance mate! :D

I did make some changes to it today, which you can preview here:…techno-rev2.mp3

The first version you’ve heard was quite aggressive I guess. This new version has been slowed down by a few bpm and given a sliiiightly more relaxed, atmospheric vibe. I think I personally prefer this to the typical noisy chaos of schranz, but both styles are definitely enjoyable.

Anyway, I wasn’t really planning on turning this into a co-op project or anything, but you’re more than welcome to remix it, pick up a few tips from it, or just fuck it up however you want, hehe. I will openly admit that I’m not an expert when it comes to techno music, but I simply posted the .xrns here because I thought it might be useful to kickstart some ideas for you, or maybe to teach a new weird trick that you hadn’t seen before with Renoise LFOs or something, who knows. :P


damn nice sounddesign, dblue!

happy_milkshake_man … did you ever do anything more with this? I’d love to hear it :)

I did do a bit more but nothing much more, now you’ve reminded me i will try and finish it off this weekend :)
just created more patterns and added things. Going to make this a full tune now

Link is dead :(

Ok. Should be working now. Sorry for the mixup!

Still “Error 404 - Not Found” for me :)