Is Renoise macos Sonoma compatible?


does Renoise work properly on Sonoma 14.4.1? Any experience here? What about the usual plugins? I am still on 12.6.1, but was thinking about upgrading finally, to have Metal3 then. Some people reported that Bitwig GUI might work a bit faster then. Maybe nonsense… Would also like to benchmark before and after the update, and wondered which benchmark tool actually would give me properly comparable results. Geekbench seems to be a bit too Apple friendly.

Also, do you know if you can downgrade back to macos 12.7, if required stuff isn’t working? Seems to me that this is not possible on real Apple machines…

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Not sure about plugins, but Renoise works fine for me on Sonoma on my Mac Mini M1.


Also all work fine here (Renoise, Bitwig, Logic, Microtonic) on my new Apple M2 Air.
Before, old Apple Intel I5 (Sierra Os) Air.

Previously, Apple Os downgrades only worked via Apple Backups (need do it before)
but i don’t know if this is still possible these Days wit a new Mac.

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my renoise started lagging when in fullscreen after the update. but i have intel mac

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