Is renoise perfect now?

I get the sense, it’s pretty much complete.

I feel like I can pretty much do every possible thing I would ever want to do now:

(I can’t tell if the embed code worked)

maybe it’s now complete?

Almost… still needs internal midi routing, saving effects with instruments, and a few other things.

It will never be perfect.

But you’ll always be able to get the job done anyway. :)

Wisdom words !

wuh… is a beta version available somewhere? :o :panic: :w00t: :yeah:

renoise “is no hero, never was, never will be”

The only one DAW who’s idea was ever close to perfection was Arguru’s Aodix. Alas, cruel fate brutally interfered and took Arguru to higher grounds before he could bring Aodix to end-product stage. What’s left now is various dev teams trying childlishly to grope around the multitude of design concepts and ideas. In the end though, you will see them arriving approximately at the design and workflow model similar to what Aodix was based on, only years (or decades) later. Such is the way of this world.

What if the Renoise developers were secretly working with Arguru’s surviving rights-holders to incorporate Aodix into RN3 or 4?

Wandering back to the original question, I think dblue called it. Nothing is ever perfect, but it does get better with each version…

Surprises galore… good ones and less anticipated ones… (WHY U NO PROGRAMMED PIANOROLL! is what we keep reading every new Beta session)

Yeah but i think the majority agree that there are things that are more important than the pianoroll such as Internal midi routing :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P

death to midi

modular FX (edit:routing) + native grain synth

It would have been a wise decision indeed (considering that Renoise itself was an early Arguru’s creation), but I wouldn’t bet on that. I think they rather went into that trendy pad-oriented finger-friendly direction.

I never really played with Aodix much. What do you feel were the stand-out things about that tracker?

I’ve barely used it, but my big gripes are the lack of native sampling (sequencing, playback, effects…anything) and the lack of external MIDI routing. It’s VST-only, so you have to bring your own sampler. As such there’s no freeze/bounce capability; you’re limited to what your system can process real-time for playback.

Renoise 3 GUI picture leaked.

In that regard we can post some more partial screenshots of the actual Renoise 3 version…
But it would reveal what has not changed and would provoke reactions like “Owh so feature x will not be in there in the next version”

wow totally different, IT-Alien can totally see it !!!

I’m glad it’s staying true to the roots.

On a more serious note, I just tried FL studio again to see what I’d come up with, and crazy enough, what I saw was that every time I load Reaktor in a new channel I have to wait that same 10-15 seconds. I definitely cannot go to any DAW that does this loading VST .dlls over and over (don’t know how Renoise does it but once I loaded one instance, the others pop up instantly)

I tried getting into FL Studio, it has some really nice features, but it drives me crazy that it won’t display most parameter values until you actually move a knob or fader…that was a deal breaker for me.

The dancer plugin did it in for me. Whatever they smoke over at image-line is something none of us have access to apparently.

welcome to the world of software development for public consumption :)/>