Is Renoise Your Main Daw?

renoise + max/msp + audition. i have been rewiring renoise and max/msp for live but i’m now building my live setup exclusively in max/msp. im would like cubase or logic for some things you can’t do in renoise like multichannel, and ableton now that max for live is out i would like to play with…

no, not at the moment

is it now I start running?

nope Songsmith is…

Yes, Is my main DAW, but I´m searching to rewire it to Reaper , for guitar and vocals recording.

I just purchased Logic Pro.
However, I am not already used to a sequence of the horizontal scrolling.
And the sound of Logic synths collapses sometimes unexpected. (not constant ADSR)

Renoise have perfect sound output.
I don’t need DAW besides Renoise!

renoise only !

it’s all I need / more than I can handle :D

Renoise 2.FTW


It’s my main daw at the time I’m using it ;)

main daw …yes …still…but I wanna go 100 percent hardware ( fucktzeepixels)

Do you just want to get rid of the “pixels” (like in… I HATE computer monitors!!) ?

Yep , There’s nothing wrong with monitor’s , , I know there is not a single piece of hardware that comes close to the posssibilities of renoise ( correct me ) , but it’s not about that …This might get psychological./I don’t feel like explaining .harware is = from mind to machine immediately ( maybe 1 ms

soft = almost the same =)

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When I am on linux, it is my one and only DAW. Purchased energyXT but am not using it much.
When on windows, my main DAW ist ableton live. I’ve got reason and renoise rewired to it and it’s working like a charm.

The more I use Reaper the more I love it.

I’ve been tracking since 1996, and I’ve been one very loyal and dedicated Renoise user. I remember trying to promote it like a missionary preaches religion. I’ve been one of the biggest advocates of this community atmosphere as well as defending it countless times against DAW prejudice. But…

I can’t help but lately feel a little bit of ‘tracker fatigue’. It’s just been so long in this one way of doing things I think I’m getting itchy feet to try something new. It’s an entirely personal feeling, and I’m glad Reaper is there to facilitate that exploration. I feel it’s far superior in the aspects of recorded music, long clip management, and traditional routing and mixing methods. I have a style that lends itself to that traditional approach, I like to record guitar, bass and vocals a lot. Reaper has excellent precise control over recording latency correction that Renoise just doesn’t have and makes you end up editing everything tediously by hand. Also, thinking vertically for so long means creativity gets a little rigid (even with the new Matrix)- horizontal macro view is just so DIFFERENT that everything seems creatively exciting again.

I still think Renoise is the best rhythm sequencer on the planet, and ALWAYS will be. Nothing can touch it! If you’re skooled in the way of the hex and your tracker ninja skills are up, then you’re dealing with the best rhythm tool going. I think now that I will be programming all my percussive tracks in Renoise using both samples and VSTi sampler libraries. I will also use it to record keyboard MIDI sections because again that’s just so much easier than using a pianolol. I can then export these items as stems, maybe even running them through my tape deck for some analogue group processing. Then I’ll build the groups in Reaper and work on recording the other parts, and then mixing and mastering in Reaper in separate stages.

So, sorry to the loyalists. My heart is moving on.

Just to quickly add: Massive props to Renoise for the ‘little things’. It’s stuff like the recently added ‘cues’ to rendered tracks that line up with the pattern changes, that make syncing in external project editors a dream!

the one and only…

The new workflow is new. Renoise slaved to Ableton. Using Renoise to construct beats, bass and melodies, then do the arrangement and post-production in Ableton and APC40.

Reaper is a Renoise user’s dream DAW. Cheap, robust, super awesome, and from good people. I use Renoise and Reaper exclusively. Reaper is for recording music, Renoise is for making music. I also use Finale, but am keeping my eyes on MuseScore, a free alternative that is working its way up to Renoise quality (still a ways off for now, though). I love Renoise so much I thank it in my albums (the ones I use it for anyways).