Is Renoise Your Main Daw?

In my case yes it is. Renoise is not rewired to anything. Anyone else?

Difficult to say. I think i use renoise and energy xt same amount. When(?) renoise can handle long samples properly, it’ll be main daw for sure.

Yes Renoise is my main DAW. I do not rewire it to anything. However, I do sometimes make things in other softwares like Acid Pro or LSDJ and sample them down and then load the samples into Renoise for use in a composition. I’ve used other DAWs in the past, like Sonar, but I prefer the tracker style sequencer and feel that I can truly make what I’m trying to make in Renoise as apposed to the others I’ve used.


Not atall… Different tools for different parts of the art. =D ! I do LOVE Renoise however I use Reaper for mastering sometimes when using my analog 8 track is not possible or not practicle, I also use Acid alot too =D I fond tho that with the impliments that have been added i do find myself using it more and more each feature that is released… so i do see Renoise being my main DAW really soon, give it a couple releases ;)



Yes, Renoise is – and probably always will be – my primary choice for music and/or audio production. I usually slave Reason to Renoise (i.e. using Renoise as the Master). Reason and Renoise work perfectly well together, it’s almost as if they had always been best friends. In my opinion, so far the most useful feature ever implemented in Renoise’s development cycle history has been full ReWire support. That feature alone really made Renoise my #1 DAW.

of coz

Pure Renoise for Music Generation.

Ardour for Recording Vocals and Instruments.

Might switch to Renoise for Recording - later…


tried others but they’re all pretty rubbish in comparison (for the music I make anyway)

but if I recorded bands and worked with lots of vocals then I probably would be using something else

Live is still my main DAW, though it’s mostly just a fancy mixer with FX now, with most of the sounds coming from Renoise.


Yes it is… with the occasional Cubase use.

4 shizzzzz!!! :walkman:

how could it possibly be not?


My main bitch, though I keep some hoes on the side ;)

Depends on my needs. Sometimes I want a hammer, other times a saw…but regardless Renoise is a quality tool.

I suppose it is. It’s the program I used most often (apart from qjackctl lol!)

Yes, with a bit of wave editing/mastering in Audition. But there is less and less Audition nowadays, since Renoise caters for more and more of my needs.


Not yet, I still use plenty of Live to record longer parts of audio, I’m pretty much sure I will scrape Live once and if audio tracks are integrated in Renoise.
I’m also starting to feel the need for a more “visual” piano roll.

I think that the day Renoise will make the jump from tracker to tracker-style DAW, it will become a serious competitor to anything else out there, as long as it manages to remain as simple and deep as it is now.