Is Sample Editing Non Destructive?

Hello all.

Okay, i loaded a two minute loop into the sample editor, i cut/copy/pasted the bits that i liked and saved each of them as a new sample, in a new instrument folder. I can’t seem to find the new samples that i created (outside of renoise/while in explorer). This leads me to believe that sample editing is non destructive…it just saves the loop points of the sample and allows you to rename that portion of the sample. Is this correct? What’s odd is that when i delete the original two minute sample the new samples that i created are still there…I would have thought that if the sampling is non destructive, and when you deleted the sample, that all of the new samples would be deleted too…

hopefully this makes sense!

it would also be very handy if you could freely drag and drop samples from one instrument folder to another :)

The edited sample is actually stored in the .xrns file. Open the .xrns with WinRAR :) SURPRISE!

Sweet!! thanks OverCoat!

Wow…never noticed that either…

Sweet!! thanks OverCoat!