Is there a better way less tedious way of auditioning sound samples

because if your anything like me you’ll most likely have gigabytes of samples to trawl through which does get a bit boring, just a thought.

you’re welcome.

did you try sononym? :slight_smile:

Thanks, both are great ideas but too expensive thanks though.

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I haven’t used ADSR sample manager, but i can tell only positive things about sononym. I have more than 100gb only of old vinyl records (apart from drum breaks :smiley: ) on my HDD, huge amount of folders, nothing is sorted, but sononym does it all upon first load… I’m amazed.

There was discount for last 2 weeks, it was 50% off, so i could actually afford it. It’s amazing piece of software. I wish it was built in Renoise, or at least some degree of the functionality. Or browser within renoise can get overhaul, to act similar to Bitwig’s - and that is to show all files recursively under all sub-directories…

I can suggest that you try out the 30-day demo, as you won’t be disappointed… You will never know until you try it… I never liked the idea of ‘sample browsers’ in the first place, but what do i know… :slight_smile:

ADSR is free… . Just grab it and try it. It is what you look for.

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you know, i’m starting to like this forum more and more You know what i’m starting to love this forum purely because people here are so helpful and friendly.


As nice as this maybe Electron makes it a “no go” immediately.

get Sononym <3

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hold option on mac, not sure about windows, click in the sample window, then you can use your arrow keys and enter button to browse.

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It’s a bit of work up front but…

Sometimes I build massive instruments with all my favourites in for starting songs.

This works particularly well for percussive sounds and loops. (If you set loops to sync this makes mashing easier than Ableton Live does!)