Is there a Definitive guide to adding custom fonts?

Hi, I’ve been using Renoise for about 3 yrs now as my daily driver, and I’ve seen various people on the color themes forum topic use custom fonts. I don’t think I’ve seen a definitive guide on how to apply custom fonts to the renoise pattern editor. It’d be especially useful because I’m visually impaired. Magnification apps usually make it worse and fuzzy. I’d really love for at least font choices or perhaps merge this to a future feature request, global zoom scale. Wishful thinking I guess.
Thanks for taking your time to read!

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I’ve not seen an official document about it. I’ve just added fonts to the Renoise installation path

E.g., on Windows,

C:\Program Files\Renoise 3.4.3\Resources\Skin\Fonts\

You might have to experiment because I don’t know that every font will play nice with Renoise.

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I’ve tried with some fonts that are proven to work and keep getting errors upon opening renoise
I’ve made backups of the og fonts and all setting with it but it has had errors on my mind
So perhaps I’m doing something very wrong.

It really depends on the TTF font being tested. The font’s various spacing and orientation settings greatly affect the result of how it displays in the pattern editor, often horribly. Even if a font works well, the point settings within PatternConfig.xml need to be balanced, too.
It’s like three variables need to line up perfectly to get good results.
Because of this, I created my own TTF font to fit the spec.
Though I also tested dozens of TTF fonts that resembled bitmap fonts, and found some good results.
I think the best general font replacement is Terminus.


what’s stopping someone from coding a fontswitcher / font adder that modifies PatternConfig.xml + adds the TTF fonts?

I use DejaVuSansMono.ttf which is available here: DejaVu Sans Mono Font Family · 1001 Fonts

speaking of which does anyone know how to get bitmap(-like) fonts to look good on macos? even if the size is set precisely and ANTIALIASING NO in PatternFont.xml they’re still a bit blurry

You might have to ask @protman , though I’m unsure if he uses macOS, but it’s worth a shot.
Best of luck :slight_smile: