Is there a DSP effect on/off command?

All the DSP’s have a button in the left hand corner to switch them on and off. Is there a command that you can put in the track that will do the same thing?

Let’s see what Help/Pattern Effect Commands says:

To bypass an effect in Effect list (turn in on/off):

xF00 Turn effect x on (x=effect number in list 1-E)
xF01 Turn effect x off (bypass=on) (x=effect number in list 1-E)

So if your effect is possitioned first in the list it would be 1F00 for ON and 1F01 for OFF.

OK, this is obviously wrong :)
00 is OFF and 01 is ON

My bad, I printed the effect commands list off ages ago but I rarely use it. Thanks for pointing this out!!! :D

I’ve put the code into the track, it highlights which effect at the bottom of the screen in yellow but when I play the track the effect still remains on!!!

works fine here. check the statusbar while entering the command and send me a small song if you can reproduce it …

Ok, it seems to work now.

One more thing, I emailed Pulsar about the signature pictures not appearing on forum posts. He did reply but I accidently deleted the reply before reading it!! Any clues what it might have said?

Take a look at your URL. It doesn’t look very valid to me… colon? space? When entering it into the address bar it doesn’t even find it anyway, so that’s where your problem must be. :P

It’s exactly the same URL that I use for my signature at SampleCity and that works fine!!!

Hmm, now it works for me too, so I must’ve not copied it right before. Beats me then. :huh: