Is there a Famitracker Import function or work-around?

Hi. I’m new to the forum and to using Renoise.
I do a lot of composition for NES games in Famitracker, and I was hoping to find an easy-ish way to import song data from Famitracker in order to make modern sounding versions of my soundtracks. Has anyone done this?? HELP!

Thanks in advance

Can you save as .mod in famitracker? Renoise can open .mod files (and .ft2 files, + more?)

Unfortunately you can only save .FTM files in Famitracker . You can also export NSF files and straight TEXT.

I was going to worse-case-scenario just copy and paste the frames bit by bit, but that didn’t work either .

I haven’t tried it myself but you could try this ftm > midi thing, then import the midi into renoise? Probably would have to do a lot of cleaning on it.

It might be quicker and easier to just manually retrack the tunes, though.

I’ve tried that but my Lua understanding is limited. After a considerable amount of toiling I made it work, but using three different pieces of software. Retracking is probably the best bet, for now.