Is there a "Filter" effect in Renoise?


I’m following along the tutorial videos. This one is called “Renoise 3.0 - Automation”. The narrator says to open the Filter effect and use a HP Type.
I don’t see any Filter effect, it should be between the Exciter and Flanger according to the video.

Can I use another effect? I want to learn this automation thing, any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

it should show up as digital filter, or analogue filter in the effects menu.

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Its different, but i’ve got it to work pretty much the same. Thanks!

The standard Filter was replaced by the Analog and Digital Filters in v3.1. The closest equivalent to the one used in this video is the Analog Filter’s ‘2P K35’ with the High Pass (third button) selected. It’s not an exact match, but you can adjust the Resonance to get a good approximation.

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If you want to follow along exactly, you can also use this tool
Adds a context menu for quickly adding Renoise’s native + legacy effects only. You can configure it so it also shows legacy devices. See options under tools menu. Based on Gova’s insert-dsp-pone.

then you can just add all the deprecated filters you want


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