Is there a form for change the note input keys to a custom one?

I’m new to Renoise 3.4.2 , I downloaded the demo a few hours back.
I have experience using music trackers and some DAWs like OpenMPT, MilkyTracker, MadTracker, LMMS, FL Studio, and so on.

The “Computer Piano” keys (or how you like to say) are not so much practical when I want change the octave for the notes. I want a key scheme like the OpenMPT one, with 3 lines of key with the notes of the octaves from 4, 5 and 6 respectively and the Number line for change the octaves.

I tried to change it in the “Preferences” but doesn’t have a dedicated tab for it.
So… someone can show me a solution for it?

You can use F11/12 to transpose by an octave.

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Yeah, but doesn’t resolve my principal problem.