Is There A Key Combo...

Is there a key combination I can use with the cursor keys that makes it so when editstep is being used, the cursor keys will be effected by the editstep as well?

If I make a mistake in note entry and I’m using, let’s say, editstep of 8, with what I know now, I have to hit the up cursor 8 times instead of just once to fix the error. Is there anything else I can do?

No unfortunately not. This is one of the more irritating things in renoise, I think it would be far better if it worked as you say effecting the cursor keys aswell. Hope this will be changed in the future. 1.5 maybe??? :)

I think not… It worked this way in ImpulseTracker and I hated it… I would like it to be this way only if it was an option. Maybe a key combination like Kizzume suggested.

Option would be fine. So would key comb.

Along these same lines, a couple number entering questions I have:

1 - when you enter numbers in the effects column is there a way to enter them consecutively, rather than entering one, having the cursor move to the next line, moving the cursor back up and then to the left, entering another number, etc etc?

2 - is there a way to enable the numberpad? I’m not sure if it’s a setting I have set or what, but the number pad doesn’t work… you have to use the numbers above the qwerty keyboard portion.



Yep, set edit-step to zero: either with Editstep arrows or Ctrl + 0. You will still have to use arrow keys after the input to move left or right tho.

I think here again a new shortcut/ hotkey would be welcome so input behaved like normal typing within pattern command columns. Often when inputting single values repeated down a command column the current behaviour is useful tho.

The numpad selects instruments in the instrument box I don`t think that it is possible to use them for number input (altho someone may correct me here). This may be something to ask the devs for in keyboard configs if needed…