Is there a modifier key for not loading template song?

If I launch renoise, is there a modifier key that makes renoise not loading the template song?

Prefs > Keys > Global > File > New Song (No Template)

Ctrl + Shift + N by default.

I mean while starting Renoise, if a template song is already defined, for temporary faster loading or similar.

When Renoise is open, then go to “Files” and coose New Song. Then an empty song should be loaded. After that save this empty song as template. Then Renoise should start with this empty song template.

Just another thought, would it not be possible to create a (bash) script that first renames the TemplateSong.xrns to another temporary filename, launches renoise, then on exit renames the file back to TemplateSong.xrns.

Was my description that imprecise? Seems so… 4tey yes u r right, I will add that to my template tool then sometime. The renoise template song mechanism is way too simple.

EDIT: Oh no, I think that won’t work, because shortcut hitting while loading Renoise is not buffered assumingly. There is no API method “check if Renoise was started with holding down alt key”.