Is There A Not-manual Way To Do This?

Is there a way to automatically create a pattern that, regardless of how many repeating and out-of sequence patterns your composition uses, organizes them into unique, sequential patterns?

So sequence:

1 00  
2 00  
3 05  
4 06  
5 00  


1 01  
2 02  
3 03  
4 04  
5 05  

This enables one to lay the foundation/skeleton for a song, then go through and flesh it out pattern by pattern treating each bar uniquely. I was just wondering if there was a button I was missing or if there is a resequencer sort of plug in that would copy/paste/move patterns to do what I want to do.

Does this make sense? And if so, can someone help me out?


Ehm… wasn’t the “sort” button feature for this? Or am i not understanding the question properly? Though currently it does not replace repeating patterns that follow up, but it does sort sequences in that way that it is in upgoing order.


no, you didn’t get his point:
he does not want to sort patterns.

As you see, he has a list of patterns some of which are repeated:

He wants to obtain 6 unique patterns (of course, 4 of them will be still identical, though having different numbers).

Yes! :D

Okay, so in this method some kind of “autocopy” is being applied to patterns that are repeated (so you don’t need to CTRL-F4 and CTRL-F5)
I hope the field-settings for pattern copy also apply when using that method for the case you e.g. don’t want to copy automation or effects with the patterns.