Is there a pitch follower in Renoise?

Been googling this for ages. I need to send pitch data as realtime values to a range on another track. So yeah, like the signal follower but pitch instead of amplitude. Guessing I’m gonna need something 3rd party but I’m clearly not searching the right terms. Halp!

There is no pitch follower device in Renoise. An alternative (that might work depending on your task) is to use keytracker device and manually insert notes in a track.

Mxxx (modular effect, including sidechain, pitch follower and lots of effects) from Melda Production is probably capable of doing what you want in terms of following/processing. The price is €699 though.

Thanks for the suggestion, I did end up settling for the key tracker connected to a pitch VST in the end. The specific glide and detune automation is a bit tricky though which is why I didn’t want to use it in this context, I’ve got stuff that drifts inbetween semitones. I think you replied the last person asking about this where you suggested a roundabout solution as feeding something out of renoise and back in, I sort of came to the same conclusion but I’m not sure how to implement it exactly. This whole problem got me thinking, is it possible to read ANY value from a VST and have it effect another VST or a DSP slider? I am still not sure how to extract an estimate of the note from a plugin

what plugin are u using?

at the moment pitchwheel x64