Is There A Tool, That Can Allow Specific Keycommands For 2 Softwares

edit: the title means, “A tool that would allow specific commands to be transmitted to 2 softwares simultaneously.”

Thinking of it, this would come handy when syncing 2 sequencers. Nowadays my only problem is that to start both cubase and renoise you have to press play from cubase.

i’m not sure if this would work for you, but it’s worth a shot

i actually use this combination for something entirely different (remapping keyboard keys to other keys, to play freeware japanese shooter games that don’t let you change the key combinations), but a byproduct of it is that it actually registers 2 keys at once in windows, only it will hit the remapped key first

i call it “ppjoykey back to keyboard”

first, you have to emulate a joystick with your keyboard, using ppjoykey:

then, you have to emulate a keyboard with your emulated joystick :) (you’re probably like what the f**** at this point)
best program for this i’ve found is called “xpadder”

just map a key from your emulated joystick, to a key on your keyboard.

run both programs at the same time

what will happen is windows will detect the emulated key first, and then the actual hardware key press second. i don’t know how much “delay” there is between them, it’s pretty much simultaneous although it might be enough difference to affect audio applications

anyway, it should work if i understand what you’re needing to do

let me know how it goes. i know it’s pretty ghetto but it’s a solution anyway :) plus i like to do ghetto things

good luck!

in retrospect, i don’t think this method will work because you can’t have both programs in focus at the same time… :(

Beat me to it, but this is actually more or less the problem of Windows and probably any other platform that deals with focus and foreground priority methods in GUI control.

There might be MIDI software that can control two apps at the same time in which you can set both Renoise and Cubase as slave and let the controller application start playing both host applications.
I guess that is the better direction to search for, possibly that MIDI-OX (in combination with MIDI-Yoke) is an option?…ng-for-renoise/ (Search for the header “Merging MIDI Data”)

i use my Usb gamepad to Read my RRS feeds, feet on the table style.
“Winstick” it also controls my winamp.