Is there a track delay? Can't find it

I’m in need of a track delay, so that I can make better bigger sounding percussions by duplicating and shifting duplicates by a few ms, I’ve tried searching the forum for it but never found a straight answer. Is there one or is the only way to go through all the notes and delay them? (That’s a lot of notes!).

I would also need negative track delay to compensate for cinematic studio strings’ 60ms inbuilt delay, I don’t think you can adjust it in the plugin since the basic guideline is that people should adjust negative track delays to make it hit on exact beats


There is a delay below each track in the mixer view. Right above the dropboxes that read “Master”…

There you can enter delays for each track. Maybe it is hidden, the button to unhide is listed below the screenshot in the “Customizing” section.

P.s. for a dupe delay why don’t you just use a delay effect device? It can do just what you want to achieve. You can also place it in a group or send and click the “mute dry signal” button, if you wish to effect (eq, …) the delayed signal.

Awesome, thanks! In plain sight but still I somehow completely missed it, seems to do exacly what I needed and supports negative values also :slight_smile:

I’ll have to try the delay trick if it would be enough

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