Is there a way I could get a copy of the file formats XRNS & XRNI


I recently got in touch with the aurthor of Awave Studio {here’s the link–>}

Here are just a few examples of common tasks:

  • Convert between different audio and synthesizer file formats.
  • Buy a sample CD and use Awave Studio to convert it to a format that your own synth understands. Besides a vast array of different synth-formats, it also supports MIDI SDS, and SMDI transfers.
  • Play MIDI songs that comes with custom instrument banks, or render them to an audio clip using the built in high-quality software synthesizer.
  • Do audio editing tasks such as resampling, fading in and out, normalizing amplitudes, applying effects, etc.
  • Use it as an instrument editor for your synthesizer, sound card, or soft-synth / virtual instrument plug.

This tool would be helpful to a lot of us on here searching for Instrument files to use with Renoise.

So basically I’m asking for the XRNS and XRNI file format documentation. That way we could use Awave to convert sounds to Renoise instrument for formats.

Our XRNS and XRNI files are actually just standard ZIP archives with a renamed extension.

The ZIP contains an XML document to define the song or instrument, plus any WAV/FLAC samples that may be included.

The XML schemas for everything can found in Renoise’s program folder under /Resources/Schemas/

Try this…

Will convert .xrni to x and viceversa.

Thank you for your help and info.