Is There A Way To Assign Key-Bindings To Tools, That I Am Missing?


For example, if I would like to bring up this window…

Is there a way for me to do something like assign a key/binding to the specific tool… "wave gen tools = shift + alt + space " for example…



You probably will need something like this in the code, if it doesn’t exist:

renoise.tool():add_keybinding {  
 name = "Context:Whatever:blablabla"  
 invoke = function() theFuncShowingTheGUIMaybeMain() end  

For the name value, check out the preferences keybindings categories, or simply check similar tools’ code. And of course apply the appropriate function. ;)

Unfortunately I don’t have this tool atm, so I can’t give you precise instructions, or just a working code snippet. But I see this was just an example anyway.

Hi thank f+d+k,

Thanks… I am going to read the, “Renoise Script, getting started, and download some stuff, and maybe bump this thread later with a question or two, or maybe not.”

I don’t know :slight_smile:


You can use the “Create Tool” option (if you have the tool creator installed) which will automatically create a basic layout with a popup demo.
In there exist a few assignments ((context) menu shortcut, keyboard shortcut and midi message registration) that you adjust to make it work just for testing.
Once you have figured that out, you only need to execute that one API call (or more) that you need.

Is that the XRNX Startpack 280? Do I drag and drop the unzipped folder into Program Files/Renoise 2.8.1/Tools ?

Also… I have found out, that some of the tools I am using, already have what I needed, “keybinding ability to open their gui.” All I have to do is set it up in the Preferences…

Is their something else, besides the Starterpack that I should install? Like a RenoiseTool.exe or something that I should look for?


I haven’t checked out the starterspack myself (because it came a bit later than most of these tools developed), but i’m 99% sure it will be in it.
It will be 100% advisable to to download it anyway as it contains all the basic (and some more extensive) things and documentation you need.

Nopes, just a value that you need to set to “True” in the preferences.xml (Help -> Show the Preferences folder) so that you get the extra “Scripting Terminal and Editor” window:


You could just start with that and see if the “File” menu in the scripting dialog offers you the “~Create New Tool” option at the bottom.