Is there a way to audition a sample from different offset points

I am just wondering if I could play a sample from my midi keyboard, and somehow adjust the sample offset command so that it triggers the sample from S20 or whatever when I press the midi key?

I love the fact that in Renoise I can import a single break sample and I don’t have to chop it up into 16 different samples starting every 16th note, because of the great sample offset command. However, in a traditional sampler I would have the 16 samples on 16 keys and could play around with them a bit to see how they sound. I miss that a bit, so wondering if there’s a way to do that.


Yes, by slicing the sample. (for beat-line samples this purpose works just fine)

But when you are speaking of a multi-sample instrument and there it isn’t just as easy → you could destructively render to instrument and build up multiple sample groups which you can assign to different key zones in one target instrument or simply use multiple instruments where each sample was divided to destructive slices.
Extra con: You also loose the original transpose to the target note you are hitting. For each semitone you would have to duplicate the same sample group and assign them to another group of keys using a different base-note.
(will become a little less memory intensive once Sample aliassing is supported)

OK thanks, I’ll look into slicing.