Is There A Way To Burn Sounds Off Of A Videogame Disk?

WhI remember a few years ago my little brother and I experimented playing PS1 games on the home stereo. We found a few disks that would actually play the music and sounds of the game.

What I am wondering is: does anybody know of any software that can be used to burn music and sounds from disk-based videogames.

I suppose I could just run the game in an emulator on my compy, play the game amd cut out the channels that I don’t want to record. Easy but time consuming.

Also I figure that this wouldn’t work with midi unless I was actually extracting the midi files themselves from the disks.

Sure it may not be considered kosher to steal game sounds, but what I am planning to do is sample all of the sound FX from a shooter like R-type or Gdarius so that I can compose a song with them.

The way I was doing it before was simply running the audio cables directly from my console to my sampler.
It works for now, but there’s gotta be an easier way.
Any suggestions?

(Correction, I meant rip, not burn).

Maybe there’s something you can use on here:

I think your best bet is to download the ROMS of games you wanna rip. I’ve never tried it with PS games, but I’ve ripped a kazillion NES and SNES games for sounds and samples. If you’re after the actual MUSIC which you want to sample check this out:

Hope this helps! Good luck and have fun!

This worked because some games had the game on a data track followed by audio tracks on the cd which were played whilst the game was running.

For sound effects (and games that didn’t use CD audio) you really just need to sample them, gives you a good excuse to play some old games too :)

Theres is lots of ways of extracting audio from games,in fact its a bit of a hobby/art these days for some people.Xentax forums has tons of usefull information on ripping sounds from all types of file extensions so i suggest you look there.Ive just after ripping all the sounds from manhunt 2!!Its pretty cool,i know your looking for the soundtrack but usually all the game sounds are stored in one archive.Good luck and happy ripping!

Really depends on the system and the game.

PSX games have a streaming audio file called .XA which can hold multiple tracks of audio usually used for music.
Also theres the .vag files which are typically 1 shot samples and .vab which is like a ‘bank’ of many of those samples in 1 file. This format was used on the PS2 aswell.
These can be decoded to wav with various tools.

You could always load the games up in an emulator and sample them that way.
If the emulator or the sound plugin doesn’t support recording you can just use audio routing from the app to your sampling app.