Is there a way to delay the visual playback

I have my speakers set up wirelessly which causes a 1.8ms delay on audio playback. Is there a way I can synch the visual playback on Renoise because now the scroll through is out of synch and at the minute it’s not practical to wire my speakers to my laptop.


Can’t you simply up the audio latency in the prefs?

1.8 ms is hardly even noticeable.

If you are sat more than two feet from your speakers then the distance from your sound source to you will be adding in more delay than this. It really is negligible and not worth worrying about! So either wherever you got the 1.8mS value from is erroneous or it’s psychosomatic.

(But to answer your question. Can not a Delay device, no feedback, zero mix of original signal, be used to generate a fixed delay to the audio??) - if audio is behind delaying it even more isn’t going to help is it!!

If you actually hear it’s out of sync it’s not because of the 1.8ms, which is a quite good latency, for the computer to send the audio signal to a USB dongle (?) which converts the sound, the speaker to receive the signal and then convert it back to audio.
I can’t think of a reliable solution to this problem, but maybe you can find some video signal delay equipment or maybe some software that can do this?
Something like this maybe:
Seems like that one also delays the audio, but you can probably use the monitor out signal on your soundcard.