Is There A Way To Get Renoise To Load On Start-up?

i realised i spend too much time messing around with the internet when i should be making music…

i remember back in the DOS days you’d just type it into autoexec.bat - is there a modernday equivalent?

absolutely, there are a few ways actually.

but by far the easiest is to double click on the ‘Startup’ group in the start menu. this should open it in explorer
copy and paste the Renoise shortcut in here.
Then when you log back in renoise should start.

that’s excellent! thanks so much

swift, I’m feeling you on this one :) been thinking of cutting down the internet completely

you can even make profiles with all un-needed services disabled.
svchost gets bogged down with internet connections, taking resources away.

basically, when you boot up it ask you what profile you want to use, have one setup for renoise. you can even have a batch file, that kills explorer before running renoise. then when or if you ever want to do something else, you just reboot into your standard profile.

need to make a user account first.
(control panel>user accounts)
make your user.

(control panel>admin tools>services)

there you can disable a ton of services for your profile, (right click>properties>logon>hardware profile)
just make sure you know what your doing, before you do it!…amp;btnG=Search

oh yeah, it would be wise to NOT change anything in your normal profile.

that way if you accidently disable something it wont bite you!

Choice: Always wondered about this; aint it enough to just relog? or will enough bullshit be left in memory to severly føck up the point of making a new account?

well afaik switching to another user, using the fast user switching does use extra resources cuz it leaves the other users stuff in memory. so really the best of way, i believe, is rebooting into a different profile.

yea, but lets say i logged off, not just switched.

oh, I’m sorry man, i missed that bit. afaik that is not possible.

only because, users an profiles are 2 different things.

when you load xp it asks you which profile you want to use, (before it is actually running) then after your running you choose a user.
afaik there is no way to change profiles while xp/2k is running.

so, you choose the profile, then choose the user.
-i might need to clarify this above-

a way of looking at it would be.

the Profiles are for making your system run a certain way.
the need for Users is mainly for systems that have other ppl using the system, so that the others using it wont change things like desktop settings,
an for things like setting it so users cant delete Anything at all.
or if you keep important data in ‘my documents’ the other users cant access it. (unless they know how)