Is There A Way To Put Markers In The Sample Editor?

I was cutting up a long vocal sample earlier and thought it would be much easier if I could press a key and leave markers at different points in the waveform instead of having to continuously stop the sample, paste the section I wanted into a new sample then go back again. Does this button exist?


(wait a while for maybe more helpful replies, and if you still think your idea is better, post it in tips/suggestions!)

Markers will become necessary if/when a feature like custom sample offsets is added, which is a slightly different concept but it could probably be used for the same stuff.

In the meantime, you can improve your workflow with a couple of simple changes. Rather than constantly leaving the sample you’re working with to paste things elsewhere, you should take advantage of Copy Into New Sample (LCTRL + LShift + C) and Copy Into New Instrument (LCTRL + LShift + LAlt + C). These options will allow you to quickly grab portions of the sample to work on later, while never losing your place.

Copy Into New Sample is especially handy if you’re creating multi-sample instruments like drum kits, or for slicing up breakbeats into individual hits. Once you’ve grabbed a few slices, use the Generate Drum Kit feature to quickly map all the slices to different keys.

that’s the kind of more helpful replies i was talking about.

I just ended up using a different DAW, as much as I’m loving Renoise it does make some things take longer.

That’s no problem. Every DAW has its great powers and every DAW has its cons. As is with Renoise :)