Is there a way to reload libraries?

I want to make a library to share… so I created a folder under “Installed Libraries” and added a manifest file. I can add instruments to it, start Renoise, and the instruments show up in the instrument presets. But if I add an instrument while Renoise is running, I can’t see the new instrument in the presets list. Is there a way to “reload libraries”, same as I can reload tools? Right now the only way to see a new instrument is to quit Renoise and start it up again…

Once a library is “installed”, it will not pick up changes in the filesystem, Only the User Library works like this.

This is of course inconvenient if you are actively working on a library - but the best workflow would be to use the User Library as your temp workspace.

Not only because changes to the files are/should be picked up, but also because every device,preset dropdown will be usable then.

I’ve built a few libraries myself, and know that the small - but important - step of wrapping it up and adding a manifest is not something you’d want to do over and over.

So, I’ve actually been thinking about going as far as to write a “library publishing tool” that automates this procedure :ph34r:

Okay thanks. Looks like I can symlink ~/Documents/Renoise/User Library to my in-progress library, and any time I save something, it’ll create the folder if it’s missing (most of the time, anyway. It won’t create the Samples folder).