Is There A Way To Remove The New Track Focus Corners?


Does someone know a way to remove these yellow-orange corners from the tracks?
I tried changing the colour to black, but then a lot of other stuff disappears from the screen.
This is really distracting for me, I’m pretty sure the previous version didn’t have them.

They were introduced in 2.8 to make it more obvious which track you are currently editing. A complaint we got in often.
Yes it belongs to the general selection back color so there is no way to get rid of them. You are the first one to report this as annoying though.

Thank you for the reply. I was using 2.7.2 so I didn’t notice it earlier.
I hope there’ll be an option to disable them in the future.

What’s so bad about them? Would you mind explaining?

It’s a good question. I’ve used traditional trackers for the last 15 years, and it’s just hard to get used to this extra visual information. I don’t usually mind new buttons and other “static” things on the screen, but the focus is changing all the time when I’m editing. It’s like “what’s that thing moving around the screen? oh right, it’s just the track focus corners”, if that makes sense.

For me I’ve had a really hard time detecting what track I’m currently editing. This has to stay since it really speeds up the workflow for me. I can however see that this might annoy some trackers who find this a bit verbose. Back in the day one had to focus on a tiny speck of color in the middle of the screen to know what track one was at. :) I however really like this approach, but a checkbox to disable it would really help out for those who don’t want this extra bit of info.

eh, could you help me please, reading this topic i was lookin in my renoise what you are talking about: and i see that my colorsheme is not very friendly in showing this cornors. could you help me finding the name for this color ? is it in pattern or main ? and whats the name?

Main > Selection_Back

Main > Standby_Selection_Back (used when the focus is somewhere else)

danke 8)

would be nice if that corners would get his own color selection.

for my personal taste they are still to less/small, even with white or yellow as color.
a option that they could flash/glow very slowly would be nice XD (same with active trackscope)