Is there a way to select automation values using a rectangle?


e.g. I have an an automation with some peaks and I want to select the peaks only: Is there already a feature like a selection rectangle?

As far as I remember Renoise had a feature to stretch or shrink an automation over y-axis. Is this sill available?


Unfortunately not. You can select a partial area but that still spans the whole vertical axis range.

No longer, but indeed in the past you could use modifiers like ctrl / alt and right mouse button combined to do widening and narrowing of either selection or complete lines.

I think the reason that these options got removed were because of zooming options (specially the feature to be able to see the automation across multiple patterns) and the line feature that allows you to cross several patterns made it less simple to keep supporting these morphing options. Perhaps the Devs are still figuring out a way to allow embedding this back with better support for transcrossing pattern boundaries, but since i never opped the disappearance of this feature and i didn’t noticed any other users missing it either, that just remains a guess.

Tool-wise of course a very lot is still possible here :)

Thanks vV!

At least I miss the shrink/expand feature and I also would like to see a rectangle selector.