Is There A Way To Trigger A Sample And Have It Play From Beginning To

Is there a way to trigger a sample and have it play from beginning to end without holding the key down? I’ve searched the forum but no luck. Thanks.

That’s because you should look in the manual :P

Well, okay, this is not too obvious.
Try the NNA settings to “Continue” here:…mple_Properties
If you want to have more volume control like fading, set it to Note-off and toggle the volume envelope on and create an envelop graph.

Also read the Autoseek part, that may come in handy if you are playing very large samples or sample loops that need to be triggered from any particular point related to the song position.

I would of thought setting up an Envelope would be of more help than NNA settings :P

Thank You

These won’t help much if the NNA remains set to “Cut”, hence i started with that, but the link to the envelopes also should have been added, thanks.

If you only want to play a single sample one by tapping a key/pad (and not having to hold it down) then NNA makes no difference! It’s only when playing samples after the first one that comes into play. Thus it doesn’t really relate to the original question but would have been good as an aside as a solution to a problem he is likely to come across afterwards, rather than the other way around as you presented it.

kazakore is right. I usually turn the volume envelope on and then drive the env length (top right somewhere) down to 6… then there’s only one point and it’s at 100%.