Is there a way to use Phrases as a step sequencer?

Is there any way to trigger a phrase from the pattern editor and cause it to trigger each line sequentially && not reset to line 0 automatically? This would effectively make it function like a step sequencer with a trigger input.

I’m working on an idea that could be fairly easily accomplished by loading sequences of different lengths into a more traditional step sequencer, then triggering it manually so that the sequences conforms to a complex rhythm. For example, stepping through a 3 note arpeggio one note at a time, then being able to switch to a 7 note arpeggio and trigger that one at a time.

I’m open to options outside of the phrase editor, but this seems like something it should be able to do out of the box.

You could do it by using Sxx in the pattern editor to specify which line of the phrase you wish to trigger, but you’d likely need note off events as well so that playback isn’t continuous

As far as not resetting to line 0, just turn off phrase looping for the phrases you wish to perform that way. Then they become like a one shot


Hmm okay.

After sleeping on it I might be able to do what I’m looking for with a stepper, just need to see if I can change modulation assignments from the pattern editor.