Is there an easy way to quickly mute everything on renoise?

I mean… How can I quickly insert a “pause” at everything, in a way that even the tracks with reverb and delays will abruptly stop at once? Is there a simple way to make it happen? Sorry if this is a dumb question.

Edit: Nevermind. You probably wanted to know how to introduce some silence in your song. I guess one way to do this is to automate the volume on the Master track, or on the tracks that you want to go silent.

Push stop key twice and all sounds will stop, the song will stop too, so i’m not shure if this is what you’re asking for?

The 0Xxx command does an immediate note-off of all playing sounds, optionally cutting effects too. But - it does a note-off, so samples will play their release stage if they have one - so probably not a “hard cut” like the one you seem to be looking for.

So, basically the best bet is to either create automation on the master track (like SiG pointed out), or to put to insert a custom, one-shot LFO on the track which is then set to control the volume - the latter is cool, since it makes it possible to control the pausing effect via a single effect command or MIDI trigger

Thank you guys. What danoise suggested is exactly what I was looking for. Problem solved.