Is There Any Devs Out There Making A Tracker With

i’m seeing every top dsp software has implemented this protocol.
so yes this is pretty much the successor to midi now, cuz these guys are not going to give up!

i know you guys might be getting sick of me posting this stuff but,
Does anyone know if any developers are building a Tracker with this?
so far i know nothing of anyone doing this yet, i had ideas of making a very lite vst that could be instantiated many times as clients, but my brain is becoming more akin to a dense dark wood. :blink:
i know one thing, midi pisses me off!
i can communicate so much more easily with other things with OSC.
all you need is the ip addy an port. of your sever an client, an aslong as you stay within your lan your security risk is next to nothing.

so how about it! anyone know anything?

hmm im surprised the guys over there havent done this yet!

is the tracking community stuck in a time loop? or have i drifted into Another* time an place in space? :D

i guess my innernet has the ability to time travel!!! no wonder its going so slow!