Is There Any G.a.n.g. Member Here ?


Is there any G.A.N.G. member here ?
Wanting to become a video game professional musician, I’d like to subscribe, but it’s not cheap for me right now…
Is there any big advantage in joining them ? Even for people like me who doesn’t make music for a living ?


what’s G.A.N.G? I know of T.A.X.I and the likes… something simillar but for games and such?

what’s G.A.N.G?

Quote from the site :
"The Game Audio Network Guild (G.A.N.G.) is a non-profit organization established to educate the masses in regards to interactive audio by providing information, instruction, resources, guidance and enlightenment not only to its members, but to content providers and listeners throughout the world. G.A.N.G. empowers its members by establishing resources for education, business, technical issues, community, publicity and recognition. G.A.N.G. also supports career development and education for aspiring game audio professionals, publishers, developers and students. "

I didn’t know TAXI before you mentioned it… So I can’t tell you the difference between TAXI and GANG.