Is There Any One Big File - Vst(I) Anywhere ?

Hi there,

yep, my hdd died, yepp i didnt made a backup.

I had a directory called vst-plugs which is gone now. There were dozens (1000+?) of freeware vsts which where you had to copy only the dll to a directory and it worked.

Now before i restart the whole seaching stuff , i wanted to ask if someone has a link to something similar.

If not, i have to restart with re-searching and unpacking lots of vsts then.

cheers :)

Well if you did…

  • A lot of them would be out of date, for instance, Synth1 has just been updated (quite an improvement).
  • You’d get a load of crap that you didn’t want/ would run correctly on your computer or daw.
  • You’d still have to download the ones that you did want but weren’t included.

Might as well just get cracking and look for them like you did last time.
Go to and you will get direct links to the download pages.

Or you buy the plugs, so that the next time you forget to backup after a crash, you can easily re-install everything you use often enough to be worth every dime you payed for it. :P

You could just “imagine” you have all the vsts. works for me.

This man right here, my dear Renoisers, is god tier. :D

There is a massive free VSTi thread on my website

lets face it. you only need one good vsti.just get good with it. then use plogue bidule to layer and layer and layer ur vsti for massive sounds. And on to vst effects, we all like to hear new ones, but they are all takes on the same old ones., or better remodels of real hardware. for instance. i went and brought ozone(how silly was i), now im sick of it because anything i do just sounds like ive thrown ozone over the top of it. can hear it a mile away.(right across the bridge, through the fields, over the horse and cattle, beyond the mountains of Derrygoolin).You can be much more inventive using the ones you have in renoise.

there’s actully a Renoise forum topic DEDICATED to this! <— just cause im not skilled in those little forum trick you guys do :( lol


Wich vsts in Renoise? You mean the instruments (sample based)?

sorry i just meant the native effects in Renoise.(chorus, compressor etc)

Make your own vsts? Idk. I better leave this topic as I have nothing of interest to say.

Man, a couple months ago I found an PC/Win web app called Ninite, for linux users think apt-get.
Basically it has a large list of free and open source popular/usefull windows apps that keeps itself updated and you can select all of these for an unattended install,
The list is getting bigger. because it’s simply awesome.
They also have a suggest an app script on the page, to make it even more progressive.

You just go to the site, select what you want, you get an installer script and it downloads and installs everything you selected without any fuss whatsoever. I’ve used it several times and each time it ran flawlessly.

I immediately thought of VSTs when I saw how it worked so:
If someone made this for VSTs it could be Very popular.
It is possible someone could be working on something like this already but I don’t know anything about it. So it’s pretty much free game I guess.

I’m not sure how licensing works in this case, I guess In order for it to really work it would really need to be somehow linked into with KVR’s free section, and also advertised to those that don’t list on KVR.

So if anyone reading this does do this, Please Please make a PC and OSX version! :)

I could see KVR users/free vst devs jump behind something like this quick.

Ninite has a pay program also, that I haven’t tried out.

quick, trigger the blast doors, seal the hatchways. dont let him out.

@choice apt-get nuke windows

noo wayyyy, ones and zeros are of much more use, than all zeros.

I can send you my free vst collection

Can we go quantum and add an -1?

A ok, I think the same, with too much vsts (instruments, effects) one hides the most obvious thing, you need imagination.
Im starting to love waves (pulse,square,sine) and learn to build simple sounds. After that, you will understand much more about synthesizers.