Is there any way how to mute sample instantly?

Hi, is there any way how to mute sample? I know that i can set volume to -inf or assign that sample to some fx chain and work with gainer but i wanna be able to instantly mute and unmute that sample in the instrument (for comparing two samples etc).

Put them in the same mute group?

It sounds like you are trying to A/B compare samples?

I’ve heard that the Instr. Editor is going to have a dedicated preview/prehear sample button/keyboard shortcut in the next beta, might come in really handy :slight_smile:

Danoise: Great ;)
But sometimes i just need to get know how five layered samples would sound without one of them. Quickly, without volume lowering…

Ah, I see. Perhaps better than using volume to ‘temporarily’ mute a sample (sounds like a pain having to turn it down and then up again) would be to create a special ‘dummy’ modulation chain that has volume turned all the way down?
Then you can temporarily assign the sample to this chain - it sounds like a more comfortable workflow to me.

Yeah, that is the way I´ve mentioned in the first post. More comfortable workaround but little M and S button in the sample properities (or in the corner of the waveform editor) wouldnt do any harm ;)

I keep on having the urge to middle click a sample to disable it pattern matrix style.

The 0CXX command might do the trick.

Make a dedicated modulation set which is turned all the way down, then all you need is one click to assign the sample to the modulation set and it’s inaudible. Danoise already said it.