Is there any way to bind shortcut key for specific MIDI notes?

Many VSTs assume you have an 88 keys MIDI keyboard and bind some effects and modifiers to the notes that are at the right or left edge of the MIDI keyboard. My keyboard is only 61 keys so I can’t effectively press these keys while playing some notes. Is there any way around this (maybe even without Renoise)? I want for keys on my numpad to send specific MIDI notes.

Have not tried this but just thinking aloud.

While only sending the those notes you are looking to trigger,
could it be possible to use Renoise to send MIDI Out to the keyboard?

So someone would be playing their keys but the tracker sends additional
keys to assist; this all being sent back in to the vst for further routing?

Sorry, I was somewhat unclear. I want this specifically to edit notes in pattern editor faster. So, for example, if a guitar VST wants A#6 pressed to trigger, I don’t know, string scratch noise, it’s pretty annoying to put it into the pattern. I have to either copy-paste this note from before, or put A#3 and then raise its octave three times through a shortcut. It’s already a pain and if I want to trigger multiple effects on both sides of the keyboard, it becomes a real annoyance :slight_smile: Same thing if I want to play it in real time, it’s just not possible. I was thinking maybe there’s something I can do with a MIDI pad but I don’t own one and I’m not really familiar with how this would be setup.

@mmm, You have at least 2 peripherals:

  1. Alphanumeric keyboard
  2. 61-key MIDI keyboard

With peripheral 1 you can use the appropriate octave to be able to press the notes to change effects.
With peripheral 2 you can play the melody for the instrument’s assigned note range.

For example, in Kontakt it is common to use part of octave 2 to switch effects. You can use your alphanumeric keyboard for that (starting with the keys Z-S-X-D-C-V -…).

On the other hand, if your MIDI keyboard has pads or other button controls, you can probably assign them to play a certain range of notes (for example octave two, starting at C-2 …). Maybe your MIDI keyboard software allows you to change it.

What MIDI keyboard are you using? Brand and model…

I can’t just use computer keyboard to input these “effect” notes because first I need to press the “octave up” or “octave down” shortcut key multiple times. And changing the base computer keyboard octave also changes it for the MIDI keyboard.

I’ve Acorn Masterkey 61, it has some knobs and its own octave up/down buttons. Never bothered to install software for it. I don’t think these two buttons are programmable from the Renoise side. I could theoretically bump the base MIDI keyboard octave up with these and lower the base Renoise octave down, which will give me some of that in a clunky way but it doesn’t sound very convenient.

But then you can raise the octaves from your MIDI keyboard to regain the original note range and keep the settings.

For example, this way you can play octave 2 from the alphanumeric keyboard (and octave 3), and use the MIDI keyboard to play from octave 4 and higher. You won’t need to put Up/Down Octave again.

However, the logical thing is to use Up/Down Octave directly on your MIDI keyboard, for all.

On the other hand, try using a LUA tool. For example, with the “Piano Roll Editor” tool you can remap each key for your MIDI keyboard. For example, press the C-4 key and you will play the C-2 key.

Thanks for your suggestions.