Is there any way to get a looper sound like this?

Found an amazing free Max/MSP program that does this particular kind of micro-looping. Is there any way to attain this sound within Renoise without having to use a plugin? I shot a quick video with sound of what is happening.

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Nevermind, turns out I have already created a Doofer that does this. Let me see if I can export/upload.

Native MicroLooper.xrdp (5.7 KB)

Well, this gets PRETTY close to what I want, but I am noticing a lack of a completely random sample start time. That’s the magic of this particular style of effect that we currently don’t have. 09xx is not the answer, because it’s still not fully random. What I’d LOVE to have is random sample start times. This is falling into the granular category.

I do not want to buy a plugin to do this, but to have it native would be a treat!

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Random sample start position would also be beneficial for simulating free running oscillators…


good to see the doofer developement is alive and well in here. :grin:

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