Is there anything I can do with a Launchpad mk2?

Just bought one of these and I’m already regretting it a bit. It’s not supported by Stepp0r, Duplex doesn’t seem to like either. It appears to be pretty useless in renoise :unsure:

trade in to some supported device?

will be harder to find someone on this forum than on ableton forum haha

What did you want to do?

It’s a MIDI device, so you can play notes, chords, do drumming.

You can map notes to assorted devices/fx to turn things on and off.

You can split out how different range of notes are handled by Renoise, so (for example) the bottom half could be for triggering samples and the top for assorted fx mappings, muting of tracks, etc.

you could try helping to reverse engineer it, so future versions of those tools will support your model