Is there still no way to do midline MIDI note-offs in Renoise?

For one or two versions of Renoise 3, Cxy also sent note-offs to VSTs after y ticks. This was such a great feature for me, but it was declared a bug and removed entirely. Now I don’t know if there’s any equivalent behavior.

Enable the delay-column (Ctrl+shift+D) and just insert your preferred delay 00-FF next to your note-off.


That doesn’t work. Note offs are applied to the column they’re in, so if I’m playing, say, keys using polyphony, it doesn’t know which columns the note-offs should apply to using that method.

It is still possible with a different command. I use this all the time, would be really bad when this will be removed:

Was there a special reason why not-offs for Cxy was removed? Atleast C02 should work the same like C2 in my screenshot.

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Oh ok I see, I never run into this problem in this particular way, as I’m using a much
higher resolution (16 lpb/tpl and 256/512 lines).

WOW toimp, thanks! I really hope they don’t patch that out too. If anything, it’s a shame you can’t combine variable velocity with this behavior since it uses the velocity slot. I have no idea why Cxy shouldn’t also send note off to MIDI. Here’s hoping.

No problem, you can put this effect in the PAN slot, too. And there is a note volume effect command (Mxx), which you can use to alter the velocity:

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Nice, thanks. I still think it’s a janky workaround for a command that should have this functionality built-in, but at least it’s possible.

The best would be, when we could have a zoom in the tracker view:

But i generally dont like note off. It clutters the note columns too much. I often used phrases, where a C note + a note off was in, so i can focus more on the melody and i used the cut command or a seperate note off, when i want a “faster” note off. An invisible auto note off would be cool, where i can set the default note length to 8tel and use note offs or cut for 16tel or even 32tel.

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