Is There Such A Comand...?

I need some command to loop one-shot sample right in patter editor…
4 example i got one shot break and i need to enter something in patter fx column (what exactly?) to loop it and then enter command to make break one-shot again…

how to do diss trick?

you cannot enable-disable looping on a sample via pattern commands; more control over sample looping has been asked lots of time so it’s already on the to-do list, but not yet done.

the solution to your problem is to copy the sample into another sample slot, give it a loop, and use the appropriate sample (looped or non-looped) at your need.

Yeah, i’am doing so, just thought that it’ll be very cool to use such a command, thx in advance ;)

There’s the 0B00 which plays the sample backwards and 0B01 which plays it forwards?

You can start your sample, and before it finishes do a B0, then before it gets back to the start do a B1, rinse and repeat.

Like ping-pong loop?))
lol, it’s trycky, i’ve tryed to do it)
But it’s not exactly what i need=)

I hope Renoise 2 will do the trick!)