Is there way a straight way to record vst output as audio in renoise?

Hi, Is there way a straight way to record vst output as audio in renoise? I know that I can open the vst in another daw in rewire mode and record it as audio there but i wonder if there’s a cpu friendlier way to do it in renoise.

p.s; I’m doing this cause I find the 255 steps for note delay insufficient for registering the timings correctly and I don’t wanna make make lpb high as it would make the pattern roll too fast and I don’t like it.

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Record live VST output? Not possible AFAIK :frowning:

I’m a little bit skeptical about the timing part. At 120 BPM and 8 LPB each line takes 62 milliseconds to finish. If you divide 62 by 255 you end up with 200 microseconds. That is enough accuracy I think.

There’s no native way, but there are a couple of free vst (fx) that will record ‘what you hear’ anywhere you place it. You could use one of those. Maybe the slightly cumbersome workflow is worth it if you only need to do that occasionally.

I’m not sure if you can trigger the start/record button via automation, but that would be ideal in this case.

EDIT: as kytdkut pointed out 200 microseconds is not much. MIDI latency should be a bigger issue?


I would also reckon that 8 lpb can do register note ons more accurately but I have started my project with lpb 4 and it’s a whole another problem now to change the lpb to 8.

edit: still I think any kind of quantization (here due to the implemetion) is taking the vibe off the keys. Just my taste. If I want them stepped I would sequence them.


Big thanks!

If it’s just a matter of precision, you might use a phrase inside the instrument with a larger LPB than in the song ?
By the way, you might also capture a track with render to audio file tool ? (might need to pay for a license tho…)


I use the voxengo recorder 32Bitz :smiley: to rec my LoFi Beatz from Renoise. Works good for me.

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