Is This A Similar Approach To The An Akai Mpc


Just looking around and saw this cool image or renoise.

Am I right in thinking Renoise has employed a similar method to an old Akai MPC?

Ie you sequence say a bassline in the tracker section to the right. And then that sequence becomes a block (looks like blocks on the left) and then you basically line the blocks up how you want the song to be arranged?

This will be great if so. One of the things that always puts me off trackers is you cant see the whole song in one go.

Almost like that yes. Although you have to realize that the block in the left is not an object by itself, it’s just a representation of one track in one pattern, moving blocks around just moves or copies the pattern data.

But yeah, you can treat them as blocks most of the time, just try it out yourself, and you know what I meant:

(It’s free)

Hi mate,

Im watching through these excellent tutorial vids here. He explains all.

If this guy doesn’t work for you he should!!