Is This Possible On 2.5?

is it possible to add something in the DSP chain (I was thinking maybe like the MIDI cc pitchbend thingie) and assign it to either the start or end point of a looped sample? thus mangling a sustained sample to extreme? or can you only do this by (what I’m doing at the moment) being in the sample edit page and just manually dragging it around recording/resampling it with another software like soundforge. thanks.,

Not possible in 2.5, and not directly possible in 2.6, but more-or-less doable with the use of It-Alien’s script: Experiment: Use Midi Knob To Set Loop Markers

no you can only do this with scripting, available since version 2.6. see here.

2.6 is publicly downloadable now, anyway

When I was first introduced to Renoise the first thing I did was play a sample and drag around the loop start/end points and tweak out some sounds. I agree that a DSP chain tool would be very useful for this. Just 2 sliders on it, one to control the loop start and the other to control the loop end. Maybe even a volume slider to control fade out like you would with 0Exx commands (redundant but you can’t have too many volume sliders IMO)

I didn’t know this was possible with scripting though. Looks like I need to learn me some scripting. Teach me :)

cool! will have to check all this new geeky stuff out!

and yeah, like in that thread, would be great if this “made it” to the final thing. I’m doing it for really twisted neurofunk reese basses.

I’ve asked multiple times now, if once mapped to physical MIDI controller value it can also be automated using the MIDI Control Device (thus enabling Automation) but nobody yet seems to want to answer that question…

ahhhh,!!! amazing!

just paid for my future licenses so that’s good. straight away i checked this out, took me about 10 mins to reaslise it was from the midi mapping window though haha, sadly I don’t have a midi controller yet but i found a free software one called virtual midi sliders (with midi yoke, which I had allready installed on the pc ages ago) go some amazing sounds out of this!

thanks alot italan/dblue, !!! really mean that, i dont know all this geek stuff haha.

my only question is, why can’t I adjest the min/max sliders on the midi map window?