Is This The Workflow?.....Pattern Sequencing?

So I hit a bit of a wall in the workflow or maybe this is just how it is.

After I filled some tracks up with sounds I see I can then start fresh again with new empty tracks by going to the next number in the pattern box.
I also see I can clone a pattern.

now if partter 0 and pattern 1 are identical but in the sequence I want pattern 1 to have track 7 muted whats the best way to do this?
Pressing mute mutes sound for the track on both patterns. Im assuming I can manually cut and paste what I want to be in track 1 by specifically taking things out of 0, but that seems very long winded.

so is that the workflow for sequencing or is there some other more convenient way? and not just specifically mute but I guess if I want pattern 1 to only have tracks 1-5 and lack 6-8 is there a faster way thang copy and pasting?

I’m not sure I understand exactly what you desire here; if you want a track gone in a different pattern can’t you just use Shift + F3 to cut out the contents of that track for the pattern? Or do I just have no idea what you’re asking? :unsure:

insert a gain and automate that for mute.
or you can use the pattern-command 0cxx (trackvol).
or navigate with the edit-cursor to the track that you want to cut and check this shortcut combo: alt + t followed by ctrl + x EDIT: ha, learned a new one: shift + f3. thx, DesertDweller!

well, if you a lucky renoise 2.5 beta user you can also press esc while in edit-mode and navigate to the track you want to cut.

In 2.5, simply mute track 7 for the sequence in the pattern matrix. You don’t even need to clone your pattern if you just want to do muting to have a variable output.

You can play pattern 00 on different sequences having different tracks muted using the Pattern Matrix as seen in the image below:

sounds compliated

I’ll try them later today.

no I’m not a beta user.


SHIFT+F3!!! engine you are the man. that’s gonna work just fine.

so now my work flow will be 1-groove and fill as many tracks up as possible adding song various that I’ll want.
2-clone the parttern about 100 times lol 3-just shift away everything in the progression want the song to go.

NOW I have a work flow!!! does happy dance :slight_smile:

Just click the middle mouse buttton in the pattern matrix to disable the track , nothing complicated …

If that’s the way you’re going to go about it and I understood it you might at some point notice loops or single notes or chords continuing from for example pattern 1 to pattern 2 even if you don’t want them to, the note off function at the beginning of pattern 2 (on the track with the loop/note from pattern 1) will stop it. Note off = TAB on the keyboard.

I hope I’m not just stating the obvious here, just a helpful notion :)

Your probably changed your settings: default Note Off key is Caps Lock.

Ooops :D Yeah, Caps Lock, not Tab…

We are already at RC so anyone can download and use 2.5, also the demo is 2.5 now.