Is True The Problem On Rendering To Separate Files

Hi, I was looking for info about music programs and I found Renoise, but I’ve red that there is a problem when you try to render to separate files using VST Kontakt.
The topic sed that the result of rendering to separate files doesnt work with Kontakt, the wav files generated doesnt correspond to the tracks, could be empty wav files or a single wav file with all instruments mixed.
Is it true ?


Gosh, well… I don’t use Kontakt myself but nowhere I’ve seen posts about such a behaviour :blink: that would mess things up.
Except from the “rendering method” you use (that is known to cause problems to certain VSTi when not set to “realtime”) I’d say that I have never heard such a problem taking place or, at least, I’ve missed all the threads speaking about it :)

Thanks man for answering.
I was speaking with a guy and he said to me that the problem is true, he used to use Renoise the last year and he faced this problem.
I cant check by myself becouse demo doesnt provide this features, so it will be nice if somebody with registered version could test it, I’ll thank very much.

I can check it…when i get home… :)

I’ll post back!!

Ok, i’m home now…

I made a test tune with 4 tracks and 4 instances of Kontakt (one instrument to each track).
i rendered the tune to wav (each track to separate file) and everything was as it should be… :)

so… no porblems here… ;)

Edit: now i put “mixed” kontakt instruments to different tracks (not each instrument to dedicated track as before), just to be sure… and no problems either!!!

Thank you very much for your help.
I forgot to mention that the problem is when you set just one instance of Kontakt, for example drums, bass and guitar, you put drums on instrument 1, bass on instrument 2 (linked to instrument 0) and guitar on instrument 3 (linked to instrument 0), of course in the instance of kontakt you have all the instruments loaded, drums, bass and guitar.
You assign then every channel to the intruments, for example drums on channel 1; bass on channel 2 and guitar on channel 3, so they respond to differents instruments.
Then in this way you have just one instance of kontakt but 3 instruments, if you render in this way the problem appears, could you test it in this way please ?
I try with the demo and everything is perfect with kontakt, I can use just one instance of kontakt and then link all the instruments I want, but I can’t test the render option.

Thanks a lot.

Renoise does not support multi-outputs from vsti yet. So this is not possible in one go. You should use several instances of kontakt, or just solo/mute each instrument inside kontakt and then render several times.


I used now one instance of Kontakt and other “instruments” where aliases to that Kontakt instrument… You mean that way?

Yep, unfortunately it renders the whole thing to one track…

ok. Psyj explained it already…

but … yes … there was a problem with kontakt and rendering - the problem occurs totally randomly … and i don’t belive that’s solved in Renoise rc2 or in Kontakt ;) … (who knows where the problem is?!)

most time Kontakt works perfect within Renoise!

Hmmz, aliases do not only involve Kontakt vsti’s, but every other vsti as well.
You can’t render multichannel alias instruments seperated by each channel.

And i think this is what the issue describes at the very beginning of this post.
So why someone was telling that it is a specific Kontakt instruments issue, is unclear to me because this problem involves all vsti’s simply because Renoise doesn’t support this idea yet.

I didn’t understood the problem correlctly at the beginning…

But afterwards i tried it anyway… :) just to be sure…

Ok, thanks to everybody for answering and testing.
The idea is to use just one instance of kontakt and then alias others instruments to it, in this way we can save memory instead using several instance of kontakt.
Anyway there’s no big problem, as Pysj said I can mute others track, the same way I used in Modplug tracker.